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Strong partnerships
with industrial filter manufacturers.

As a supplier of filter media and filtration equipment, Techni Filtration has taken care to establish solid partnerships with major manufacturers of industrial filters.

Internationally recognised, our partners have proven experience and expertise in their field.

All of them are fully aware of the importance of a quality management system. ISO 9000 standards are at the heart of the process, clearly specifying the stringent requirements from design to delivery of products and equipment.

Even in today's ever-changing environments, our partners are committed to providing reliable, high quality products that exceed customer expectations.
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Amazon Filters


Amazon Filters is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high quality liquid and gas filters.

For over 35 years, its team of experts has been designing, manufacturing and installing innovative filtration solutions that exceed the standards of the competition.

Today, the company is Europe's leading filter manufacturer, with capabilities and expertise around the world.

Drawing on years of industry knowledge, Amazon Filters provides high quality, reliable and accredited filtration solutions to general or specific, high-end specifications.

With Amazon Filters, we help you focus on producing high quality products and services, and worry less about the filtration process.

Amazon Filters is recognized as the leader in depth-blown filter cartridge technology. Cutting-edge research has resulted in the manufacture of filters where the diameters of the blown fibres are controlled to achieve different pore sizes during the production process. This allows contaminants to be retained throughout the depth of the media. All layers are interconnected to provide maximum support and ensure that a large volume is maintained. The density of the fibres increases towards the interior of the media, which ensures progressive retention and therefore a long life of the filter.

Our partner is positioned as Europe's leading manufacturer of filter bodies, cartridges and filter capsules.

Highlights :
  • Manufacturing facilities in the UK and Poland, 
  • 7500m2 of warehouse and office space, 
  • +5,000m2 of production space, including clean rooms.



HOBRA-Školník is a leading European manufacturer of filtration solutions. The first HOBRA brand filtration products were developed over 65 years ago. Convince yourself of the outstanding quality of the filtration products developed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and strict quality standards.

While maintaining the quality system, HOBRA focuses on innovation of existing products and development of new products in full compliance with the ISO 9001 quality policy.

HOBRA is an internationally respected and success-oriented company. Its core business is to provide the best solutions in the field of high temperature filtration and separation. By using their products, you clean and preserve our planet. 

HOBRA is committed to its customers and partners. They are driven by success and strive to develop long-term, profitable, natural and loyal relationships. Techni Filtration underlines and supports HOBRA's vision as a partner:
  • Customers and partners : HOBRA is committed to its customers and partners. They are driven by its success and are committed to developing profitable, natural and loyal long-term relationships.
  • People: HOBRA's most valuable resource is its people. Behind everything they do are people. HOBRA is a great place to work, inspiring everyone to do their best.
  • Financial health: HOBRA ensures a competitive return on the investments made. They increase the value of the company. 
  • Products: Innovation and a professional approach keep their products and services world class. 
  • Environment: They emphasise an ethical, moral and responsible approach to the environment. They are a proud and respected part of society
HOBRA is a leading European manufacturer of solutions in the field of liquid-solid filtration. The range of filter products (plate and lenticular module) is developed and manufactured using the latest technology and strict quality standards.
  • Manufacturer since 1965
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified


We are specialists in industrial filtration. With the Pemflow Group, we intervene on the whole European territory with industrial customers.

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