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Les domaines d'application de Techni Filtration


A strong expertise in industrial filtration

Techni Filtration offers and deploys its expertise in industrial filtration in several fields of application.

Techni Filtration's scope of intervention includes food and beverage, water and beverage, health, chemical/petrochemical, automotive and b, providing advice and expertise on pre-filtration, fine filtration and absolute/sterilising filtration processes.

Clear-sighted and experienced in the economic and ergonomic aspects and in the requirements of each field of application, our company is able to offer you the solution(s) best suited to your business.

In addition, we meet the normative and regulatory requirements of your activities, particularly in validated processes.

As each field of application has its own specificities, we accompany you throughout the entire cycle of your project and the various stages of validation.

We want your choice of Techni Filtration as a supplier to be a technical, economic and qualitative success.


We are specialists in industrial filtration. We intervene on the whole Belgian territory with industrial customers.

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Fields of application


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