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Water and beverage industry

Industrial filtration specialist :
water and beverage industry

Water & beverages

We have experience and expertise in filtration applications, whether in the manufacture of soft drinks, water, beer, etc. or in the utilities associated with this type of production (air, compressed air, nitrogen, CO2, CIP processes). Our credo is to provide optimal filtration solutions.

Techni Filtration : filtration experts for the water industry
Our expertise applies to breweries, mineral water production and bottling, soft drinks and fruit juices.

 Compliant with FDA (Food And Drug Administration) and EC Food requirements for food contact compliance, our filters are produced in a clean room environment and come with a complete data sheet and validation guide.

Raw water filtration, dechlorination, clarification, microorganism control (Cryptosporidium) are typical applications we regularly encounter. Thus, the world's leading water and beverage companies supply our partners' filters at every stage of their production.

Different types of filtration

Whether it is pre-filtration, fine filtration or sterile filtration (cold stabilisation), we can supply a wide range of industrial filters to meet the highest demands.

Pre-filtration is necessary to remove visible particles and fine contaminants (polishing filtration). Indeed, some raw products contain particles that are likely to affect the quality of the final product. For example, the retention of all Kieselguhr or diatomaceous earth powders is essential in the production of beer (polishing operation).

Fine filtration can produce a bright product or retain microorganisms such as yeast, Cryptosporidium and other potentially infectious agents such as Giardia Lamblia.

Sterile filtration offers an economical solution compared to pasteurisation; especially in small and medium sized breweries. With a filtration threshold of 0.45 µm or 0.2 µm, sterile filtration or cold stabilisation allows the retention of organic residues in the beer. Another advantage is that this filtration stage preserves the taste (the filter does not alter the taste qualities of the product).


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We are specialists in industrial filtration. With the Pemflow Group, we intervene on the whole European territory with industrial customers.

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Fields of application

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