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Industrial filtration expert : Pharma - Biotech - Cosmeto

Pharma - Biotech

Is it necessary to remind the necessity of a precise and reliable monitoring and control of the air, gases and liquids used in these industries? Of course not, as there are demanding manufacturing standards to be met. These relate directly to processes but also to gas-liquid-steam utilities, cleaning and sterilisation systems (CIP & SIP), compressed air and packaging applications.


Techni Filtration: filtration experts for the pharmaceutical industry
Our filtration expertise gives us an undeniable credibility in providing optimal filtration solutions in all applications and processes in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries.

We have the ability to understand your needs and propose the most appropriate solutions to your problems, whilst being fully aware of European and US FDA standards.

The partners we rely on are already in place in the largest pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics companies around the world.

Our areas of expertise are as follows :

  • Clarification
  • Particle retention to meet final product requirements
  • Bioburden control
  • Sterilising filtration
  • Decolourisation
  • Carbon and catalyst retention
  • Powder traps
  • Solvent transfer filters
  • Reactor and fermenter feed
  • ank vents
  • Bulk gas filtration and point of use
  • Water Treatment
  • Contaminant media filtration (EPO Level 4 compliant)
  • Manufacture of APIs, sterile products, liquids, creams and ointments, utilities ... none of these processes are unknown to us.
Producing filters and filtration solutions is not enough to satisfy all our customers' needs. Therefore, the capabilities of our partners allow us to offer you customised, ergonomic, efficient and reliable systems. The filter housings, for example, are developed in accordance with international codes (ASME VIII, EN13445 and PD5500) and comply with the European Pressure Systems Directive (PED) new version 2014/68/EU and have the ATEX marking.

The products supplied are also fully traceable (individual batch number) and manufactured in a clean room. The filters comply with CFR Title 21 criteria and are USP Class VI Plastics tested.


28 June 2022


Pharma - Biotech - Cosmetica

We are specialists in industrial filtration. With the Pemflow Group, we intervene on the whole European territory with industrial customers.

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